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A collaborative study between PYDANCE and Erica Brandell that follows three individual’s psychological experiences during forced times of solitude. This film was created during the COVID pandemic as a response to the lack of access and motivation of artistic creation.


Directed by Asia Pyron

Filmed and Edited by Erica Brandell

Music by Bryce Perry 

Click here to watch the full film


 “Waze” is a choreographic film inspired by Tierra Whack’s “Whack World” film. This film was made for a collaboration between Emerson film students and Boston Conservatory dancers, representing how the cinematographer and dancer perform as a duet when creating filmwork.

Choreographed and Performed by Asia Pyron

Filmed by Allie Fielding


 “Men Project” is a choreographic film that pairs movement with interviews of iconic women speaking about their opinions on relationships and the social pressure of “needing a man” in a woman’s life.

Choreographed, Filmed, and Edited by Asia Pyron

Performed by Erica Brandell, Sofia Blustein, Anna Schlueter,

Yasiri Sanders, Sadiya Ramos 

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