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PYDANCE's First Evening-Length Production  


Graduation is a choreographic rendering of faceless, theatrical characters traveling through the world they inhabit, telling their nonlinear stories through physical expression and full body movement. 

Inspired by Kanye West’s use of theatrical skits and monologues to share his personal coming-of-age experiences in his first two albums, College Dropout and Late Registration, Pyron organizes waves of characters weaving in and out of each others’ journeys to illustrate her own rite of passage. 

The performance  reveals the internal fear of stepping into a world of consistent judgment or being told to do better, ridiculed about the choices you make for yourself and how you decide to live your life. 


Choreographed by Asia Pyron


Asia Pyron, Henry Winslow, Jessica Massimino, Lucia Vilches, Alessandra Salazar, Corrine Detrich, Erin Hollaman, Taraja Hudson, Demi Brown, Hannah Craig, Avery Gerhardtt, Isabel Ball, Skye Kita, Sam Krachtus, Isabella Costantino

Filmed and photographed by Lindsey Faber

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